Outdoor Footsteps library header

Outdoor Footsteps Foley Library

This library features detailed foley recordings of outdoor footstep surfaces. Recorded at 24 bit / 96KHz, with three microphone positions (Close Shotgun, Near L/R Binaural simulation) and mixed down to multipurpose sound effects (24bit / 96KHz Mono .wav files), it features over 200 nuanced effects across the following categories: -Concrete -Hard Packed Dirt -Loose Gravel […]

Tormented Strings header image

Tormented Strings

Tormented Strings is an experimental sound design library for Kontakt, created from recordings of prepared violin using nonstandard playing techniques (and objects). The violin was prepared with paperclips, glass bottles and rubber bands, and was played with bow, fingers, guitar slides, razor blades and a metal pick that would pluck above and below the bridge […]

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