Xpedition China cover image

eXpedition China

eXpedition China Television Series (2013) |Sound Design, Foley and Mixing by David Graey Starring, Directed and Produced by Keith Neubert Directed by Gary Hines Produced by Zhang Zenghuang, Juan Lou, Elizabeth Turner Fox and Hans Rosenwinkel Xpedition China: Search for Shangri La was aired on Discovery: Velocity, National Geographic, and CCTV networks. The project was […]

La Pequena Voz cover image

La Pequeña Voz

La Pequeña Voz Film (2013) |  Music, Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, and Mixing by David Graey Produced by James Coulter and Hans Rosenwinkel Directed by David Espy, Kayla Tull, and Genetra Tull A retelling of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables set against the background of modern immigration issues. This film required a detailed approach to dialogue […]

Sale El Sol cover image

Sale El Sol

Sale El Sol Short Film (2013) | Music, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering by David Graey A film by Emily Redstone This experimental short film required intensive and very specific sound design. The sound had to follow the narrative description and help reinforce a sense of place and drama, while the visuals portrayed symbolic and […]


Mutu Video Game (2013) Music by David Graey Created by Mutu Games An Action Puzzle-Platformer for Android and IOS devices I found Mutu after they ran a successful kickstarter campaign, and were looking for the last few team members to complete the project. I came onboard as the music department. I blended classic 8-bit video […]

Looking for Mr Miyagi cover image

Looking for Mr Miyagi

Looking for Mr Miyagi Documentary (2013) | Music by David Graey Directed and Produced by David Liban This Documentary called for a distinctive fusion of East and West, and a balance between tradition and modernity. My overall approach to the soundtrack was to combine intimate and closely recorded acoustic instruments with low-res and early digital […]

Imagining the Law cover image

Imagining the Law

Imagining the Law Television Documentary (2013) | Music and Sound Design by David Graey Directed and Produced by Jessica McGaugh This project called for a cohesive approach to sound, processing and music. The director called for intimate, folksy / bluegrass solo instrumentation for the score. The sound design and final mix needed to highlight spaces […]

Broodhollow Album header for book 1

Broodhollow – Curious Little Thing

Broodhollow – Curious Little Thing Soundtrack (2014) |Music by David Graey Broodhollow created by Kris Straub Broodhollow is a webcomic created by the supremely talented Kris Straub that combines clean, textural art, cosmic horror (think H.P. Lovecraft meets Tintin) and his superb character-driven storytelling. I wrote a soundtrack album to accompany the first book, collecting […]

Boulder Floods title card

Boulder Floods

Boulder Floods Documentary (2012) | Music by David Graey Directed by Jackie Fortier Produced by Brittany Mcnamara The music for this documentary primarily called for a lively, flowing theme that could move between a reflective and positive tone into a menacing and forboding one. The music had to play a supporting character and embody the […]

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